Water Sprinkler System


SAFETEC Water Sprinkler System is the main fire fighting system in the accommodation modules, used to protect against fire in the cabin, passageway, dining, galley, recreational area as well as offices and storage areas, and employs automatic sprinklers attached to piping system containing water and connected to a water supply that discharges water immediately from sprinklers activated by fire.

Detection is accomplished by sprinkler head breakage by heat of the fire that causes water to flow out to activate the water flow alarm device, which in turn activates the alarm system. The discharge from the activated sprinkler heads provide the fire suppression action.

Wet pipe sprinkler system is constantly and completely filled with water under pressure maintained from a sprinkler tank. When the sprinkler head is heated by a fire condition, the fusible element will break at the preset temperature, releasing the cap which seals the water orifice and water is immediately discharged out onto the fire. The resulting water pressure drop activates the pressure supervisory switch which in turn starts the fire pump.


The system is built-up using standardised components:

  • a smoke detection panel with or without integrated connections for detection lines
  • Sprinkler heads and accessories
  • Flow indicator/switch
  • Pressure switch
  • Alarm valve and valve trim
  • Sprinkler tank, jockey pump and control
  • Isolation valves and supervisory switches
The sprinkler used is the conventional bulb type which will shatter (explode) due to heat increase in case of fire, thereby releasing the valve cap and allowing the water to discharge against the deflector. The alarm valve is a check valve with water flow detecting capabilities, and the alarm valve trim consists of two (2) pressure gauges to monitor supply and system water pressure. The sprinkler tank contains portable feed water to the sprinkler system and is kept pressurised to 7 bar using compressed air with the jockey pump topping up the tank in case of leakage etc. The pressure switch located on the sprinkler tank starts the fire pump when the pressure in the water tank drops below 5 bar.

Download Water Sprinkler System Brochure

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