Sample Extraction Smoke Detection System


The SAFETEC Sample Extraction Smoke Detection System is used to extract smoke samples from the cargo holds of vessels to detect fires by the principle of smoke detection.
The samples from all the cargo holds are drawn continuously from each cargo hold by means of fan unit aggregate, which has 2 fan units, and are normally run alternately to have evenly-distributed running hours. Samples of air containing smoke particles detected will result in an alarm being sounded at the main and repeater panels to indicate the exact cargo hold having the smoke presence. This system is normally connected to the CO2 Fire Extinguishing System through 3-way valves in case fire extinction is required.


A typical SAFETEC smoke detection system consists of the following primary components:

  • a smoke detection panel with or without integrated connections for detection lines
  • one or more repeater panels on the bridge or in the fire control room for remote display of alarms and fault warnings
  • a fan unit for drawing air from the cargo holds
In addition, if needed:
  • one or more extension panels for connecting additional detection lines
  • a relay box with voltage-free contacts for a fire alarm for each individual detection line
The electrical connection between the smoke detection panel and one or more repeater panels and the relay box is provided by an RS-485-bus cable.

Optional extension panels are connected to the smoke detection panel via the smoke detector connection cable.

Download Sample Extraction Smoke Detection System Brochure

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