Local Application Fire Fighting System


SAFETEC Local Application Fire Fighting System is built-up using standardized components:

  • Dedicated water pump (optional)
  • Water mist nozzles
  • Section valves
  • Fire detection system ( for automatic activation)
  • Control cabinets
  • PN10 piping (galvanised)
This system is used for localized protection of machineries such as main engines, generators, purifiers and boilers inside the machinery spaces of vessels.


The system utilises low pressure PN10 piping which is easy to install and thus reduces the costs. The system is a dry pipe system, meaning there is no water in the system until the pump is started and relevant section is opened. The pump is sized according to the object demanding the greatest volume of water ( normally main engine). The water source is normally from fresh water tank. A low level switch can be installed. Section valves are electrically-operated valves controlling water to the various protected objects.

The system is designed for operation of one section at any one time. Water mist nozzles are strategically located above the objects to discharge the minimum amount of water required to extinguish fire. Smoke and flame detectors are installed above the objects to detect presence of fire and give signals to the control panel. The control cabinet controls the system operation. The system can be designed for automatic operation with manual override functions.

Download Local Application Fire Fighting System Brochure

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