High Pressure CO2 System


Safetec CO2 Fire Extinguishing System is a total Flooding system for the protection of machinery spaces, pump rooms and cargo holds. It can be designed as a central bank and with a local protection of smaller spaces such as Paint Locker, Purifier Room, Galley Exhaust Duct etc. Cargo Holds Smoke Detection System can also be included in the CO2 System. The number of CO2 cylinders is calculated according to the size of the largest protected area. In a central bank system, more than one space can be protected.


Safetec CO2 Fire Extinguishing System is built-up using standardized components

  • CO2 Valves
  • CO2 Cylinder and Assembly
  • Manifold Pipe with Check Valves and Flexible Hoses
  • Distribution Cabinet, Time Delay Unit and Release Tubing
  • CO2 Distribution Piping and Nozzles
  • Alarm and Shut Down
The CO2 cylinders, distribution valves are located in a central location. The system is activated manually from the release cabinet located in the Fire Station or just outside the CO2 Room. When activated, the pilot gas opens the main valve of the space on fire and the CO2 cylinders after a time delay. At the same time, alarm is activated to warn personnel in the area. CO2 gas is discharged into the space within 2 minutes

Download High Pressure CO2 System Brochure

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