External Fire Fighting System


The External Fire Fighting System (Fi-Fi System), as the name implies, provides the water/foam for fighting external fires. The source of power is very often the main engine, which is transferred to the fire pumps via remotely-operated gearboxes or clutch assemblies.

On ships with fixed propellers, an independent diesel engine or electrical or hydraulic driver may be used to prevent the impact from ship operation to the Fi-Fi System.

Very often the External Fi-Fi System includes also a Water Curtain System, with water taken from the Fi-Fi pumps, for self-protection of the vessel.


The system is built-up of standard components :

  • Prime driver
  • Fire pump and compatible Gearbox or Clutch assembly
  • Foam pump and Foam proportioner
  • Foam/Water monitor and Control
  • Valves and Deckheads
  • Deluge nozzles
The fire pumps are normally installed in the engine room, below water line, for best possible performance . The water from the pumps is delivered to the monitors normally located at the bridge or other ideal positions.

Remote control of the fire pumps, monitors and valves is achieved from the Control Panel normally located at the Wheelhouse.

Download External Fire Fighting System Brochure

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