Deck Foam System


SAFETEC Deck Foam System is built-up using standardized components:

  • Foam Storage Tank (Glass Reinforced Plastic)
  • Foam Liquid (Protein, Floroprotein, AFFF)
  • Foam Liquid Pump
  • Low Mixing Unit (Proportioner)
  • Foam Generating Equipment (Monitor, hand applicator, nozzle)
  • PN16 Piping (Galvanized)
This system is used for protection of the tank decks of tankers and also the helidecks of offshore vessels.


The system utilizes low pressure PN16 piping which is easy to install and thus reduces the costs. The system is a dry pipe system, meaning there is no water in the system until the pump is started and relevant section is opened. The foam storage tank is located in the Foam Central Room. The tank is made from GRP for preserving the foam liquid for longer life span. The type of foam liquid selected depends on the type of hazard and applications.

A centrifugal pump is used to pump out the foam liquid from the storage tank. The foam liquid is mixed with water at the correct ratio (1, 3 or 6%) at the proportioner. The foam solution is discharged through the foam generating equipment located at the protected space. The system is normally manually operated and can be designed for remote or local operation if required.

Download Deck Foam System Brochure

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