Acetylene and Oxygen Distribution System


The Acetylene and Oxygen Distribution System provides the gas supply for the cutting/brazing applications onboard vessels.

The Acetylene and Oxygen cylinders with cylinder valves, T-valves, closing valves and central regulators shall be situated in separated store on or above the upper continuous deck with the cylinders placed in an erect position and the regulators secured with safety valves ventilated to open air. The outlet station is usually placed in the engine room or in the workshop. On special purpose ships it may be placed on open deck.


The system arrangement is built up by means of standard components.

The AC and OX cylinders are situated in an erect position in separated stores on or above the upper continuous deck with free access direct to the open deck. From the cylinders the gas is transported through high pressure hoses to the T-valves. From the first T-valve the gas is led to a closing valve where the central regulators are located.

The last T-valve is closed with a blind plug and connecting nut. The central regulators have a combined closing and pressure regulation knobs. The regulators are fitted with safety valves ventilated to open air. The end of the ventilation pipes must be located in open air.
On the acetylene side, a flashback arrestor is connected between the regulator and the low pressure steel pipe coil. The arrestor is mounted as an extra device if a flashback occurs in the distribution pipe and/or because of a fault in the arrestor for acetylene situated in the outlet station.

The outlet station is to be installed in a protective cabinet at a suitable location which is well ventilated and where the outlet station is protected from mechanical damage, and is fitted with ball valves which should be closed during short interruptions during work. The ball valves are fitted with filters to prevent particles passing into the outlet fittings. Connected to the ball valves are regulators with gauges that can be set the desired working pressure, and flashback arrestors fitted with joints for welding hoses.

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